Hunting the Hunters

In Silvermist City, shining jewel of civilization and massive capital of the Empire, the activities of the Royal Investigation Society truly never cease. This order of secretive investigators are frequently called upon to look into and solve problems the Palace cannot officially be involved with, both in the city and across the Empire; their members have near limitless power to gather information and bring justice with extreme prejudice, but when things get complicated, the Palace is under no obligation to bail them out.

One particular cell of the RIS has been looking into some strange murders that have been going on around town. None of the murders appear related, all take place in different locations around the city, and the victims come from every race and class. The only thing shared between the murders are the victims having been burnt to black lumps and covered in various gouges or stab wounds.

As the party began to investigate, certain discrepancies began to arise. Why was some of the jewelry on the discovered corpses been melted, while other effects have not? Why do the guards have such varying accounts of the discoveries of the victims? And speaking of the guards, why did one who was called for questioning fail to appear?

Following what leads they had, the group tracked the missing guard to a warehouse, where they witnessed his attempt to blackmail the murders: a guild of assassins. While one of the assassin’s got away and the corrupt guard was almost killed, the group succeeded in capturing two of the lackeys of the assassin’s that had been present, and a medallion made of a strange crystal worn around the neck of one of the higher ranking assassin’s at the meet.

Hurrying back to the barracks to continue questioning, the group discovers that the assassin’s who were captured never arrived back at the barracks, and for that matter, they knew of no guards being dispatched to pick them up. Rushing back out the door, half of the party and a small group of guards charge back through the streets, attempting to find the missing assassin’s and the men dressed as guards, but instead find that the crystal medallion explodes, raining shards upon the area. One of the shards impales one of the guardsmen, and he erupts into flame before extinguishing just as quickly, already burnt to a crisp. Assassins attack from the streets, and while the party prevails, the melee only created further problems.

Meanwhile, back at the barracks, Richard and O’nix have stayed behind to interrogate the corrupt guardsmen. After a series of questions leading them to believe that the guard was complicit in covering up some of the crimes, though not a member of the assassin’s himself, the guard breaks free of his bonds, and attacks Richard. Richard, believing he has no other choice, kills the guard, and is faced by the other members of the party angry at him for brutally killing a witness, with almost nothing learned.

The group has certainly come across some difficulties. Who are these assassins? What are these crystals that seem to be responsible for the fiery deaths of the citizenry of Silvermist? What will Richard’s actions result in for the party?



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