Conflicting Interests

Well, the party is certainly on a course to join up, but not in the cheery meet-in-the-pub variety you usually find. Oh no, this is more of a collision course, and we’ll yet see if the players pull together, or if the various events will pit them all against one another.

The battlemage has received the promise of more information, and potentially a cipher, for the book that will lead him to his ultimate goal. Meanwhile, the word-caster has found he bit off more than he can chew, but instead of being dead, like he rightfully should be, he’s been drafted into the service of the enigmatic leader of the Graycloaks, Gavald Grayfang. Our ninja, on the other hand, has already succeeded in killing a target, putting her miles ahead of our other party members… but how far is she, really?

Things are heating up, and the spinneret is weaving, pulling, luring our heroes towards a dark purpose…



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