Welcome to Aysburr, a campaign setting for Pathfinder RPG!

Aysburr is the name of the planet, as well as the supercontinent, the campaign takes place in. It is a world where if there ever were gods, they are all dead and gone now, and to offer praise publicly to some deity earns humiliation at best, and execution at worst. Dragon is a word not often uttered, and when it is, it describes four great and powerful entities, called the Pillars. These four dragons represent powerful elemental forces: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Four large regions of the supercontinent are the territories of the Pillars, each reflecting a Pillar’s dominance over an element or an aspect of that element. The names of the dragons are spoken even less than the word itself, though forgotten tomes in great libraries mention the names of these primal forces of the world. In the middle of the continent, nearly-all encompassing and bordering the territories of the Pillars, is the great Empire. The Empire and its dynasties have ruled for longer than all but a few can remember, and its great capital of Silvermist City is a sight to see, both from within and without.

It is in the north western region of the Empire, near the border with the Taurel Forest, that our story begins. The nascent heroes have found themselves in Einsburg, when they all receive a summons to visit one Master Gelebourne, an elf mage who hires them on an expedition to a system of ruins in the Taurel Forest, assuring the party of the significance of this expedition, and the huge change it could cause in the world. Indeed, the world finds itself on the precipice of a change of a cataclysmic scale, the likes of which Aysburr has not seen for ten thousand years.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, near the Vabel Warrens, strange events have been occurring. The normally peaceful and sunny islands of the warrens have grown darker, in more ways than the dark clouds overhead would normally indicate. Syndicates of criminals have been on the rise, causing troubles to the small island nations of the area. Growing tides and shifting land mass have led to the loss of several villages already, and the capital city of Vabelar may just be next. Can a rag tag group of adventurers unravel the plot that is enveloping the Warrens in fear, and get to the root of why the islands are coming apart? Or will they lose all hope in the shadow of a dark, resurgent power?

Even the Empire, usually well and removed from the machinations of the various factions of the Pillar territories, is receiving a few nasty reminders of its history, old secrets long buried… and even longer thought dead. For legend tells that long ago, when the world was a very different place, and the Empire didn’t exist, there was, nestled in the mountains southeast of the Empire’s heart, a small village, that simply seemed to cease existing. As the world’s changes continue to affect Ayburr’s landscapes, often in multiple ways, these legends stir and writhe in the shadows, coming alive once more as tales are spun of lone traveler’s, small families, entire caravans going missing in Rimepeak Pass. Another group of fortune finder’s has found themselves entangled in these legends, trapped within a long and deliberately forgotten valley of the Rimepeak Mountains, and the only indicator of where they might be is an old sign near a worn path bearing only a few letters that once spelled “Sleepy Hollow.” Can the traveler’s unravel the unholy events that tore this gloomy village asunder millennia ago, or are they destined to become yet another shadow in this town removed from time?

As lines are drawn and ancient allies and enemies alike are drawn once more for a war that has lasted over the eons, the heroes will find themselves caught up in the storm, where they must break the cycle, become part of it…

… Or be crushed beneath the tide of change.


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