Goose Chase

The assassin manages by the aid of a mysterious individual to escape the scene of the murder of Angmar Greyclaws. Shortly afterword, the sorceror and battlemage arrive to find that the man they are meant to meet with and/or gather information on is quite dead. The only indication of what happened is a mysterious man calling himself the Herald, and the indication that the book Angmar had been perusing is gone.

The wordcaster has sent word to Gavald Grayfang, while the battlemage has gone to his underground contacts to gather information on this Herald, local assassin grouops, and on why anyone would want Angmar dead, and discovered the information that despite Angmar’s connection to the Greycloaks, he had been a patron of the arts and a known scholar, upstanding in the community and frequently contributing to charities. No evidence has yet been gathered on what could have triggered a hit on such an individual, but the battlemage’s contact has promised to get back to him.

Meanwhile, the assassin in question has stumbled directly under the nose of her half-hearted pursuers and stumbled straight back out, being in the room of both the wordcaster and the battlemage, with all three unaware of the connections!

Will the assassin be caught, and will the Herald be revealed as to his identity and his motives? The players have many questions to answer, and events may not allow them the time to answer them all…

Conflicting Interests

Well, the party is certainly on a course to join up, but not in the cheery meet-in-the-pub variety you usually find. Oh no, this is more of a collision course, and we’ll yet see if the players pull together, or if the various events will pit them all against one another.

The battlemage has received the promise of more information, and potentially a cipher, for the book that will lead him to his ultimate goal. Meanwhile, the word-caster has found he bit off more than he can chew, but instead of being dead, like he rightfully should be, he’s been drafted into the service of the enigmatic leader of the Graycloaks, Gavald Grayfang. Our ninja, on the other hand, has already succeeded in killing a target, putting her miles ahead of our other party members… but how far is she, really?

Things are heating up, and the spinneret is weaving, pulling, luring our heroes towards a dark purpose…

An Invitation

As our group of miscreants starts their investigation of the mysteries in the Warrens, two of the party have received mysterious invitations from seemingly random passerby. Meanwhile, over in one of Vabelar’s many plaza’s overlooking the ocean, our resident word-caster has stirred up some trouble for the bar of the plaza. Getting too involved in the affairs of the locals, the caster killed off all but a couple members of a Graycloak posse.

What could the invitations possibly mean for our ninja and our battlemage? Will the sorceror’s actions come back to bite him in the ass? Only time will tell.

But as to the latter question: very probably.


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