Serpentfolk Druid, Leader of Resistance


Tsaemius is a druid living in S’saetiss, who is one of the more prominent members of the community. He lives in a large, hollowed out tree, of the same species as the smaller trees found around the city and in the surrounding jungle. This house also doubles as a direct link to Willowgnarl, a gargantuan tree in the Fey, the realm of magic and nature, which is a realm Tsaemius frequents in his search for enlightenment and a closer tie with nature.

Tsaemius is the leader-by-necessity of the Resistance. While he doesn’t feel he is a good leader, or will be a good leader should the Resistance succeed, his fellow conspirators, as well as Gelebourne, believe he is more than good enough for the job. Under Tsaemius’s leadership, S’saetiss would become much less introverted, sharing their knowledge and goods with the outside world, likely through Einsburg, as well as see much more coexistence between the serpentfolk and the Gnarlshade goblins, rather than the enslavement the goblins face under Cescitus’ regime.


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